Chairman Candidates Presentation

After a two-year period of Karly’s leadership in Mensa Indonesia, we conducted an agenda for all candidates to have a campaign presentation. There were many senior and new members attending this event, because of the excitement to listen to their future missions for this social organization. The candidates are Karly and Jan.

Karly Mulyadi and Jan Alfred presented their future working program in front of the members of Mensa Indonesia if one of them is chosen as a chairman of Mensa Indonesia in 2020-2022.

Karly wanted to actualize Mensa Indonesia as the number 1 community for high IQ people in Indonesia that can provide intellectual and social benefit for its members, for the people and nation of Indonesia, and for humanity in the world. And on the other side, Jan wanted to make a second home for high IQ people in Indonesia. He planned to boost brand awareness of Mensa Indonesia by creating various Mensa gimmicks, seminars, and training.