Asian Mensa Gathering 2014

This year’s Asian Mensa Gathering (AMG 2014) will be held in Osaka Japan, You will experience unlike any you have ever had before. High-level intellectual games that engage all of your mental capacity. Boat racing competitions that test your response speed on Japan’s largest lake. Traditional Japanese board game (shogi, go) tournaments. All these events, and more!
The region features multiple tourist attractions, Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples with a history of over 1000 years, Osaka’s specialty of “Eat until you collapse”, West Japan’s largest sensory amusement park Universal Studios Japan, and endless other specialties. Meals will be accompanied by singing, dancing, and traditional Japanese arts at modern Japanese-style parties – a new occasion for each day of the gathering!
AMG 2014
Picture by Satoru Haraga
Together, let’s create memories of September 2014 at the AMG 2014 that will stay with us for a long time!
AMG is the abbreviation for Asian Mensa Gathering, a festival which has been held every year since 2011 to expand the sphere of friendship among the various countries and regions in Asia.


So, what kind of festival will AMG 2014 turn out to be?

Watch for updates regarding the detailed contents!

date time events
11 Sep 2014 18:00- Ice Breaking Party
12 Sep 2014 10:00- Opening Ceremony
Noon- Lunch
13:00-17:00 Events(To be announced)
18:00- Japanese Style Dinner Party
13 Sep 2014 9:00-12:00 Events(To be announced)
Noon- Lunch
13:00-17:00 Events
18:00- Gala Dinner
14 Sep 2014 9:00- Sight-seeing (To be announced)
Osaka, “City of Merchants”, is Western Japan’s largest city, and has flourished from antiquity as a commercial city.
It is also called the “nation’s kitchen”, featuring numerous restaurants and dining establishments aimed for its citizens, who have a particularly discriminating palate.
Osaka’s main characteristic is overflowing attention to service. The region’s character has long been one of deriving enjoyment from entertaining people, producing many comedians, and a comedy culture that pulls Japan forward.