SIG | Special Interest Group

What exactly is an SIG?
An SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group created and run by Mensans to bring together fellow members with shared interests, hobbies, or passions. The Special Interest Groups of Mensa are a rich and varied lot – and attract members with interests in everything from space and science fiction to films and football.

What sort of subjects do SIGs cover?
To take a random selection, there are SIGs about Social Welfare, Chess, Web, Poetry, Travelling, Music, Business, Investing, Careers, Art. SIGs can be humorous or serious, technical or intellectual, factual or fictional, based on the past or looking into the future… or a mix of all these qualities.

Should I be nervous about joining?
Absolutely not! The group is for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Are SIGs just “virtual communities” which never meet?
On the contrary, many SIGs organize meetings of various types. And if once a part of an SIG you are required to attend all meetings the group holds.

How many SIGs can I join?
You can join as many SIGs as you wish.

The SIG list doesn’t include the subject I’m interested in.
Why not start your own SIG? Every SIG started precisely this way. There is absolutely no restriction on anyone’s starting a new SIG.

List of Mensa Indonesia SIG

SIGHT | Service of Information Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers

SIGHT is a network of Mensans who want to meet other Mensans.
Some travel themselves, others welcome travelling Mensans into their homes or give advice on the best places to stay or visit.

SIGHT aims to look after hosts and guests, providing each party with the information to enable each to be considerate and helpful to the other.

SIGHT is not an immigration agency, a job placement agency or a source of long-term (or permanent) accommodation.

Not all SIGHT hosts provide lodging. Some offer only dinner invitation, a social meeting or just advice on accommodation, shopping and sightseeing. Everyone is a volunteer.

To get in touch with SIGHT coordinators worldwide, log on to Mensa International or contact your National SIGHT officer.

Indonesia local SIGHT officer can be contacted on the contact page. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Besides, there are several ways to volunteer for SIGHT:
1) Provide information and advice for visiting Mensans (personally or generally).
2) Meet up with visiting Mensans for company, entertainment and fun.
3) Host lodging.

In all circumstances, visitors are expected to pay for their expenses.

SIGHT Indonesia, is in the process of publishing more information pertaining to screening process, reimbursements/expenses, application for visitors and application for hosts (lodging).

Contact Person of SIGHT Officer